How it works

Inmates generally use a payphone to call you. The institution service provider requires the inmate to call collect.

Upon accepting a collect call, a connection fee and a per minute fee are charged for each call.

Calls of 20 minutes duration are typical and expensive, especially if your loved one calls multiple times in a day.

Using the facility’s regular call system can lead to bill shock and cause unnecessary problems with your limited budget. This creates a very stressful situation which is the last thing you want under the circumstances. InCellMate can relieve this stress and save you a lot of money immediately!

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How we do it

1. InCellMate will set you up with a Local InCellMate phone number where the facility is located.

2. This will become the approved Local InCellMate number that the inmate will call.

3. Irrespective of where you are located you can accept the call with any of our plans.

4. You can receive calls on your home phone or mobile phone upon activation of the service.

Immediate Benefits

• Immediate savings
• No billing surprises
• Budgeting is easy
• You take control of all call costs
• You get to talk more often to your loved one
• Reduced stress with a predictable plan

Get started

1. Create a profile.
2. Select a Local InCellMate number.
3. Select a talk time package.
4. Choose your payment option.
5. Start talking.